Welcome to Water’s Edge

We are happy that you are taking a little time to check out the web site.  One thing you will see that we all have in common is that we are struggling sinners who are trying to shine the light of the savior to the world around us.  We are not a perfect group of people and there are times we step on each other’s toes.  It is in those moments we have the chance to rely on grace, forgiveness, and second chances.  We know and believe that this is a faith journey and that this journey is an ongoing journey. It is marked by steps of faith, time at the feet of Jesus, learning from his actions and his Word, connecting with the people around us.  We don’t claim to have all the answers but we know that the creator of all things does.  He is clear in his love for his creation and that he was willing to do anything to restore a relationship with us.  We would love for you to be apart of the journey with us as you wrestle with questions and dig into the Bible.

Three or four times a year we offer a “First Steps” class that unpacks 101 Water’s Edge Stuff.  If you are feeling called to be on mission with us, we invite you to be apart of that class to hear about the Core Attitudes of Jesus and what drives us to be who we are.  For more in-depth understanding of our Doctrine, check out www.LCMS.org to read about the doctrinal foundation of our church. As always, You can email Pastor@WatersEdgeAllen.com with any questions.

Again, Welcome to Water’s Edge Allen and welcome to the journey.

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