KidConnect - birth through fifth grade

Welcome to KidConnect!

KidConnect is our children’s ministry designed with your child in mind!

Children, birth through fifth grade, are taught that God, the Father loves them, Jesus saves them, and that the Spirit guides them.

Come experience the fun where kids learn to connect life and faith!

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First Time to KidConnect

Find Us

We meet at Kerr Elementary. Come through the main entrance follow the signs down the main hallway to KidConnect Check-in.

Registration and Check-in

If possible, arrive a little early to complete the registration form for your child. This information will only be used to ensure top notch security and care for your child. We will never give your information to an outside entity.

You and your child will be given matching security badges. Your child will need to wear the name tag, which has a code that matches your parent badge. Once your family is checked in, we will show you around the KidConnect areas.

Kid’s Sunday Experience

Children stay with their parents for the first half of our family friendly gathering, and are then released to KidConnect.  They will engage in both large group and small group activities. These experiences are always engaging, relevant, age appropriate, and FUN.

Nursery:  Infant – 24 months

Children are introduced Biblical truths through story time, songs, and play in a nurturing environment.

The nursery is available for the entire gathering.

Preschool/Kindergarten:  2 years – Kindergarten

Biblical vocabulary and prayer will be emphasized. Children will see a great God through Bible stories they can understand.

Elementary:  1st – 5th grade

Children are challenged to study the Bible, the work of Jesus, and to consider how to practically apply all that the Bible teaches.

Child Check out

Please pick your child up from KidConnect after the service. You will be asked to show your identification badge in order for your child to be released back to you.

Stay Connected

Be sure to visit the Family Connect Blog for ideas, support, and encouragement as you lead your child on their faith journey.


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